Swapfinity Retractable ID Badge Reel Base

*FREE swapper frame included with each Swapfinity Reel! 4-Pack includes 4 Free Frames

Fun Never Stops Swapping!
One Badge Reel—Swappable, Buildable Layers for INFINITE looks and customizations!
Grow your collection of Toppers and Swappers—There’s no end to what you can make!

  • Create cute characters
  • Decorate for the month/holiday/season
  • Match your look, mood, and MORE! 


Meet the all NEW Swapfinity Reel. A Badge Reel with Infinite Possibilities. Time to get a Reel Makeover!-Build your reel from the ground up, making it totally unique, totally you.

  • Sturdy, strong, sleek design
  • Holds all our Toppers and Charms (Many more to come!)
  • Accessorize your Swapfinity Reel with Frame Swappers! Swapping your look just got an upgrade:

So many possible Combinations, Characters, Layers, and Expressions.  
Make your reel come to life with shapes, textures, colors and patterns! Express yourself with Infinite SWAPPABILITIES! Get the all new Swapfinity Reel from Topperswap.

    These make the perfect gift for friends, co-workers, and family!
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