Mystery Fantasy Topper

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Each month you’ll unbox a new topper that will take you somewhere new and completely incredible: Ride through the stars on the back of a Pegasus. Sprinkle morning dew on flowers with a Fairy. Slide down a rainbow with a Unicorn, then fall into a glassy sea where you can swim with a Mermaid. All while getting ready for work in style!
  • Fantasy toppers help keep you at the top of your game with magical vibes all day long (Warning: this subscription is so unique, everyone will be asking about it)
  • A gift that keeps on giving - Each design brings something fresh to your routine; you will practically be counting the days until the next one (and so will your patients and co-workers).
  • Build the most colorful collection of toppers to swap from day to day, and stop wearing the same boring work accessories. (By signing up now, you will transform from a plain Jane to a new and ever-changing mystical creature.)